Missing Persons

J&R Investigations is a licensed private investigation agency here in Tucson, Arizona. When looking for a missing person it’s a good idea to have local investigators in on the case. A private investigator license gives us access to avenues of tracking down a missing person that is not open to the public. J&R’s private investigators can be crucial in finding persons who are avoiding detection or in cases where they are hard to locate from normal means. We do missing person searches for people who have disappeared but not under suspicious circumstances. In cases like these your concerns may not be heard because there is no reason to assume the person will not come back on their own. If you suspect foul play or that something is definitely wrong let our trained detectives investigate the disappearance further for your peace of mind.

Our detectives also do searches for hard to locate witnesses or people who need to be found for notifications or process serving. Sometimes these individuals can be extremely hard to locate. They may even be avoiding detection. We’re here to help. Give us a call today.

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