If you’ve been with your partner for some years you can tell when something is amiss. If your gut feeling is pulling you toward a private investigation website, it might be a sign that your subconscious self is trying to tell you something. It may be more than a gut feeling. Are they working out more? Do they need privacy to answer phone calls? Is there unaccounted time in their schedules? Are there questionable purchases on credit cards? Whatever the reasons for your suspicions, let us help you with your concerns. When faced with the reality that your loved one may be cheating there are many fears that may keep you from being liberated with the truth. Some people fear the heartache. Some have been cheated on before. Some have children or serious assets involved. Don’t let fear steer your decision. Get the truth so you can make the best informed decision you can. Protect yourself from being lied to. Protect yourself with the truth. Contact J&R Investigations today to see what we can do for you.

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