Child Custody Issues

Here at J&R Investigations we understand how important the safety of your children is. When divorce or separation happens children can be the ones most likely to suffer. In the court system a judge looks at a child custody case from the view point of “what is in the best interest for the child.” J&R Investigators like to think that way too. A judge may only get a quick glimpse into the life of a child and has to depend on other sources for accurate information. Let our detectives create a clearer picture so you can hand over a more precise report of the actual situation to the judge. With help from J&R detectives you could see a much more favorable outcome in your child custody dispute.

Safety of your Children

In custody battles there is a lot of emotional turmoil and it can be hard to discern fact from fiction. There are two cases in which the unbiased investigation of a private detective will be needed. One is when a parent is concerned for the wellbeing of their child and their concerns are not being heard. Let us assist you and investigate to determine whether there is indeed any misconduct. If any misconduct can be found then we can get you proper evidence for the court. The second is when a parent is being accused of misconduct and needs an unbiased source of evidentiary proof of proper conduct. In either instance let J&R’s experienced investigators help you with your case.

Deadbeat Parents

Do you have a problem getting your child support payments? Our detectives can help provide the information you need to get the courts to take action. Our private investigators can provide a place of residence, employer information, and evidence of hard assets, such as property and vehicles. J&R Investigations can help you get your child’s money back. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation.

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