Background Checks/ Screenings

Mr./ Ms. Right?

In the whirlwind of romance people can become blind to some obvious or not so obvious signs of deception. When entering into any new relationship you should be truly aware of who you are dealing with. Make sure that Mr./Ms. Right is all they claim to be. All background checks of this type include criminal and civil background checks. Sometimes it is necessary to get a MVD check also. This is especially important when children may be driven by this new individual. Another common check is for sexual offenders. Even though many sexual offenders are required to register and be listed online that is not always the case. This requirement is not always put in place and some offenders slip through the cracks. Another thing to be sure of is whether or not your new partner is indeed available. Bigamists will go to great lengths to hide their big secret. Deceptions vary from case to case. Be aware of all the facts before you make the important decision to let this person have access to your life and loved ones.

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